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Your Advantage when Being a Bookie

The online sports-bookie has never had a bigger advantage than now. The world has gone mad with sports gambling, especially in light of the fact that sports gambling Is now legal in the United States. The Supreme Court of the United States opened up an entire new world to both the bookie and the gambler. If you have ever been a sports gambler (you probably have, most bookies are former gamblers) then you know what an exciting new world now rests’ at the gamblers fingertips. If you have been a bookie for a while, then you know exactly how important this ruling is to you. It means everything to not worry about “big brother”, it’s the bookies true advantage.

The Biggest Advantage

► You control the numbers. The lines and odds are controlled by you the bookie. You are the bookmaker and this sportsbook is yours. Know your limits, know your lines and odds and set them accordingly and according to each sport.

► The player must beat you 52-54 % of the time just to beat the juice. The house certainly doesn’t always win but it takes a very knowledgeable player to make much of a profit.

*Remember This

► There is such a thing as a “smart player”. The smart player is the one that studies players, trends, games, and events. They know practically everything there is to know when it comes to betting on sports or one sport in particular. These kinds of players can burn you in a hurry. You must establish rules with players when they make their first deposit. You must maintain the advantage and keep the advantage.

► Know your sports—Without knowing the sports, as a bookie, you are dead in the water. At least hire someone that does know their sports. You must have a working knowledge of the sports that you are offering to bet on. Without that knowledge, how do you set the lines and odds?

Finding the Real Advantage

You must find a way to beat the players that play with you and in order to do that you must be good with betting lines and odds, but you don’t have to be. There is a sure-fire way around this problem and it’s by using a pay per head. The pay per head advantage is a miracle for bookies that are tired of losing to sharp players.

►The pay per head gurus have been in the gaming business for a very long time and they know what they are doing. You can trust them to set the best           lines and odds for every daily event. You need them too. As a bookie, you have no time for setting all of the lines on the events you want to offer, it’s practically impossible.

►The even better advantage is the fact that a pay per head does all of the accounting, and all of the event grading for you. You no longer have to put up with grading bet slips or not knowing where your money is         Now you can read a daily, or up to the minute report on everything about your business.

If you are tired of going this bookie thing alone, we get it. Bookies can have a fun life, or they can have a miserable life. The choice is yours. The great thing about a pay per head is the cost, they cost very little—usually around $10 per head per week and that’s if your player plays. You never get charged for a player that doesn’t play. If they are playing, then they are easily covering the one-time fee per week, for that player. It really is time to take advantage of what a pay per head provider offers. Take it from experienced gamers, and folks that have been bookies; they know what your clients wants, and they know how to keep them coming back for more. Better yet, they know what you want.


Learn more about Pay Per Head:

How To Become a Bookie

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What is Price Per Head

Why PayPerHead247

Does Your Pay Per Head Bookie Software Make the Grade?

If you are a private booking running and managing your own independent sportsbook, a big part of your success hinges on the performance of the Pay Per Head bookie software you have in place. With an inadequate price per head shop leading the operational end of your business, you could be fighting an uphill battle to reach your individual business goals.

Contrary to popular belief, all Pay Per Head online sports bookie software providers are not working with the exact same software packages. Granted, there are some major similarities from one provider to the next. However, the actual difference can be rather glaring when you start comparing one site against another.

Diversify Your Bookie Betting Board with Pay Per Head

The mediocre Pay Per Head sites in the sports betting industry will sell their service on price and price alone. Everyone knows that you get what your pay for in life. The next level of bookie software providers will use a combination of price and features to sell what they have to offer. The top Pay Per Head sites in this highly competitive business environment will lead with their features and benefits when making their pitch to independent bookmakers looking for that competitive edge.

The ‘best of the best’ will usually take things one step further by offering different pricing plans based on a grocery list of features and benefits. If you are just starting out as a private bookie, you probably do not need all the bells and whistles of the highest-priced plan. As your business grows and your customer base expands, you will always have the opportunity to upgrade your plan.

Real Bookies 4 weeks FREE – Get a free PAY PER HEAD demo here

If you are a master agent with an extensive network of sub-agents bringing in daily action, you will need a software solutions package than can handle the complexities of this business model. This is when an upgraded plan can make your job much easier.

Even if you are happy with your current price per head plan, you should take the time to educate yourself on what else might be available. Basic online bookie software is designed to take care of the administrative tasks that go into a business of this nature. You need a safe and reliable online platform that offers fast and easy access to you as the business owner as well as to all of your betting customers.

1Vice.agPrice Per Head Services are a Great Opportunity for America Bookies

Recent software upgrades and further advances in  Pay Per Head operating systems have dramatically reduced downtime through much higher levels of database redundancy. If you are currently experiencing issues getting online, it is time to look for a new bookie software provider. This is most likely a warning sign that your current site has not made the proper investments in upgrading their service.

Top Notch Sports Bookie, What to Look For

If you do not have access to all the betting lines you need, when you need them, this could be another warning sign that your provider’s operating system is out of date. Time is money in the sports betting game and you need online bookie solutions that can even the playing field with the big online sportsbooks you are competing against. If you choose to work with an inferior PPH service, it does not matter how low that weekly per head fee is when you start losing customers.

Maybe your bookie business is a side hobby during football season. If that is the case, then shopping for the lowest price per head fee might be a viable option. If you are set on building and growing your private bookmaking operation, you need a bookie software provider that has the right tools in the toolbox. You need a Pay Per Head site that sells its service on features and benefits at a fair price per head fee for everything it offers.

Every Sports Bettor Needs a Solid Bookie – Whether Betting Daily or Occasionally

The fun time of the betting season has finally arrived and every better from San Diego to Brooklyn is dusting of the gloves and jumping in the ring for another 12 full rounds of the NFL and NCAA College Football betting action. If you like football and you are passionate about winning money, then this is the best time of year without a doubt. No matter what you prefer, NCAA or the NFL, there will never be a shortage of action. No matter what your betting frequency, whether it’s a game a week, ten games a week or a couple of games per month, there is a sports bookie out there to meet your gaming needs.

Taking Your Sports Bookie Business to the Next Level

Lines and odds are an important factor to consider when choosing a great online sportsbook. You always want to position yourself with the best odds for the money. Betting is like anything else that you spend money on; you want the best deal and the highest quality product, at the best price possible. This is exactly why any serious better must have more than one bookie in their back pocket. You must have a handful so that come Saturday and Sunday mornings, you can shop around and get the better deal.

Example: Based on a Wager Placed of $100

-110 = $190.90

-115 = $187.00

-118 = $ 184.00

-120 = $ 183.30

-130 = $ 176.90


Budgeting: the most important word in your gambling vocabulary should be budgeting. If you fail to set a rigid budget and follow it, you are dead in the water. Don’t even think of going into this season without a money plan. You know how much you can spend and the choice of how much to budget is up to you, but you must have one and you must be faithful to it. Have a budgeting system, come up with not only a plan that keeps track of your money, but a plan that keeps track of all your bets. You must know what you have lost and what you have won on a daily basis. Keep track of your ROI (Return on Investment) know if you are making money or loosing money. You just might be surprised to know that when you think you are up, you are really down or just breaking even. You cannot continue to gamble on sports in this manner.


Smart Bookies Use Multiple Pay Per Head Providers

In order to break even you must be winning at least 52% of the bets that you place. Why is this? The juice. Sportsbooks charge juice. Remember, organized betting in a sportsbook of any kind, whether it be in Vegas or with an offshore bookie, they charge what is called (vig) or juice. This is the bookies commission. Bookies would not stay in business if the offered every sports bet at even odds, it would make no sense whatsoever for them to be in business. For these very reasons– is the number one reason that you must shop around. Be a wise consumer. Not all online bookies are created equal and some of them will straight rip you off on the juice. Don’t let them do it, have several bookies with money deposited and ready to go. Have them in your hip pocket when you need them.

The bottom line for sports gamblers is winning. At the end of the day you want to win, and you want to win big. Having a sportsbook that is worth their salt when it comes to lines and odds will add to your bankroll, and in a huge way. No matter how much or how little you play, find that top sports bookie today and start winning big.

Taking Your Bookie Business to the Next Level

Are you a bookie but feel like your business hasn’t grown in years? Have you recently lost long time bettors? Maybe you feel like you’re spending too much of your time on accounting and wasting time doing your own calculations. You feel like this wasted time can be better spent on things like finding new customers and expanding your business. If you have answered yes to even one of these questions, it sounds like your best solution is a Price Per Head service.

A Pay Per Head (PPH) service is an online management service for bookies. It was created to help the agent (bookie) run their business, instantly giving you a fully functioning sportsbook. When you set up your PPH account, which is done in minutes, you will get the latest and greatest in gaming software, with a fully customizable modern website. All this, plus the security and a commitment to technology top PPH services have.

Targeted Use of Social Media to Build Your Private Bookie Business

For most bookies, especially if you’re still doing everything with pen and paper, keeping track of the numbers, getting the proper lines, accounting and everything else behind the scenes in the life of a bookie are the toughest and most time consuming.

This is where a PPH service can really help take your bookie business to the next level. Not only will your new PPH do most of the hard work for you, your players will get an expanded betting menu like nothing they have ever seen. Your service includes competitive lines and odds for football, basketball, baseball, hockey, UFC, more soccer than you’ll know and much more.

It doesn’t even stop there. Top PPH services will also include access to a live dealer casino, a virtual casino and a racebook with tracks from around the world. Do you know what the latest trend in online sports betting is? Live betting. Live betting has taken the gambling world by storm, and with an affordable Per Head fee, you’ll be offering it to your clients.

Perfect segue, what does a Pay Per Head service cost? Most successful sports gambling software for bookies charge $10 per head/week, depending on the amount of players you have. This is an extremely competitive business, so if you have a large amount of heads per week, negotiation is accepted. You pay only for bettors that bet that given week, so you won’t be charged if any of your guys take a few weeks off.

Is Your Bookie Business Making the Most of the Weekly Pay Per Head Fees it is Paying?

Excellent customer service is a must if you plan on getting everything out of your weekly fee. For example, you are able to fully customize each individual player account. With a large collection of accounting reports, you can limit loss by adjusting lines and limits. Individualizing accounts and reading reports may seem daunting, but these companies have been around for a long time and have things figured out, making their platform very user friendly. With the help of a highly trained customer service team, you’ll be a pro in no time.

As you can see, a proper Pay Per Head Bookie Software is a win-win situation for everyone involved. The bookie gets solid lines, accounting and full control, while the player gets the betting options they’ve always wanted, when they want them. Be sure to choose the right PPH provider, because issues like software failure leading to website downtime is money straight out of your pocket. Some services will offer more customization ability than others.

If I haven’t already convinced you to give a PPH service a try, most offer a free 2-4 week trial, letting you get your hands wet and giving your players a taste of the good life. I also failed to mention that everything I’ve covered is available on a mobile interface, giving you the freedom to stay on the move and still get it done!

Targeted Use of Social Media to Build Your Private Bookie Business

Anyone trying to sell a product or service online is familiar with the concept of using various forms of social media as part of their overall marketing campaign. The explosion in popularity of the Internet sports betting industry over the past several years is a perfect example of why any independent sports bookmaker can successfully run and manage a sportsbook with the help of a professional online presence.

Sports Betting – Pay Per Head’s Live In-Game MLB Betting Options

A personally customized website is a good start, but to really grow and expand your bookie business to the point where it can remain financially viable on a year-round basis for years and years to come, you need a number of online marketing tools at your disposal. One of the tools at the top of this list is social media that is designed to reach the proper target. General applications such as Facebook can serve a purpose as a private bookie, but building up your Twitter feed is probably a more targeted and effective way to reach the online sports betting audience you are looking to attract to your bookie services.

The biggest competition that you face in this industry rarely comes from another private bookie given that the majority of the sports bets placed these days are done online as opposed to the old days when the local sports bar, pool hall or other common local hangouts would be the best place to try and attract sports bettors to your bookie service. You are really competing against the big offshore sports bookies operating online. They will go to great lengths to attract sports bettors to their million dollar websites through the targeted use of various forms of social media. While you cannot compete with these big books on a level playing field when it comes to overall financial resources they have at their disposal, you can offer a much higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that they simply cannot match.

This added level service is the main selling point of any private bookie and when you add in the tremendous marketing power of online social media outlets, you can easily put together a comprehensive plan to get the word out for what you can bring to the table for today’s Internet-savvy sports bettor.

Corner Bookie MLB First Fives – Great Way to Beat the Bookies

One of the best things about being an independent sports bookmaker is the simple fact that you can pick and choose which sports betting customers that you want to do business with. You have the ability to weed out the sharps or other betting syndicates that could spell trouble somewhere down the road. You are looking for the avid recreational sports bettor that is looking for action all year long.

Email blasts to targeted player lists whether they are using your bookie service or not is one of the most basic forms of social media. You will always want to build your lists with addresses that are open to receiving emails from pay per head your bookie service. If someone decides to opt out of your email blasts then they probably were not a proper target in the first place. You want an email list filled with interested parties that are open to any marketing campaign you have put
together. You should never assume that a current betting customer will remain loyal for life, but you should never rule out someone that is currently booking their action at a different betting outlet.

Another important aspect of any social media campaign you start it to make it creative and entertaining. People are constantly bombarded with any and all type of online marketing messages on a daily basis, so you need to avoid becoming just another face in the crowd. If something works, then work on expanding the message. If something fails, drop it and move on. Change is constant when it comes to social media and you always want to be way ahead of the curve when using it to market your bookie business.

Tips for Betting On MLB Run Lines at Your Favorite Online Bookie

While both the ongoing postseason in both the NBA and NHL are probably at the top of the list for online sports bettors right now, it will not be all that long before betting on Major League Baseball will be the only game in town once we hit the dog days of summer.

Fortunately, just about every one of the top offshore sportsbooks operating online does an excellent job at providing a wide array of betting options when it comes to MLB games including one bet that sometimes gets overlooked; the Run Line. There is both a science and an art to cashing in on MLB run line bets, but when the situation is just right, they can offer some of the best betting value on the board.

The run line in baseball is similar to the pointspread in both football and basketball with one main exception. While the spread in a football or basketball game can range from one point all the way to double digits, the spread in a baseball game is normally set at -1.5 runs. Oddsmakers will then use an adjusted moneyline to further handicap the difference between the two opposing teams.

For example, a regular moneyline bet for MLB matchup between the Los Angeles Dodgers against the San Francisco Giants might read:

Los Angeles -164 vs. San Francisco +154. In this betting scenario, the Dodgers are the straight-up favorites.

The MLB run line for that same game might read:

Los Angeles (1.5) -105 vs. San Francisco (+1.5) -115

While there are different schools of thought when it comes to betting a MLB run line at your online sportsbook of choice, but I believe that the best value with this type of bet is when your confidence level is sky high that the favorite will win by two or more runs. Using the example above, a run line bet on the Dodgers minimizes the risk of losing $164 on a $100 bet if they actually lose this game outright. You would now be risking just $105 to win $100 as long as Los Angeles covers the 1.5-run spread.

The other school of thought is to take the underdog plus the 1.5 runs despite the added risk in the adjusted moneyline. Maybe you have come across a team that has lost quite a few one-run games over the course of their schedule or they are facing a rival opponent where the last few meetings have been one-run affairs either way. While I would subscribe to this theory when it comes to betting the similar 1.5-goal puck line in hockey, trying to predict a one-run game in baseball is very hard to do. If you like an underdog to keep a game closer than two runs, why not go with the full value in their straight-up moneyline by betting on that team to win the game outright.

There can be some solid clues in MLB moneyline odds that could tip you off to making a high-valued play on the run line. The moneyline odds offer a solid gauge as to just how tight a matchup should actually be. This could also be said of the total line for a MLB game. Total lines of less than 7.5 runs signal a possible pitcher’s duel which should work to keep the matchup tight and the scoring low.

Riding hot teams as favorites on the run line is one betting strategy that has some traction, but so can betting on a team that is mired in a four or five game losing streak as an underdog. Seeing how even the worst teams in the Majors usually manage to win more than 60 games a year, you might want take a flyer on that losing team in hopes that it is actually due to finally squeeze out a win.

The Top Online Bookies Gear Up for the 2018 NCAA Tournament

Championship Week in college basketball is just the beginning of a month-long extravaganza of
betting opportunities for March Madness at the top online sports bookies taking action on the
games. Following non-stop action during the conference tournaments, the books are just setting the stage for the start of the NCAA Tournament on March 13-14 with the initial First Four Round.

The remaining 64 teams across four regions begin their quest for a national title over the course of four days and a total of 48 games to pare the field down to the Sweet 16. This is when the madness of March is at its highest and it is also the best time of the tournament to try and cash in on some winning tickets at your favorite online bookmaker.

Sports Betting – Making the Most of being a Private Bookie

There is no secret formula to picking
upsets in the NCAA Tournament, but every year there will be a few teams that stun a higher seed  as an underdog. The trick is to rely on your past handicapping efforts to find a handful of teams that have the potential to make a deep run as a lower seed.

Setting the field for this tournament is anything but perfect. Setting the betting lines for the first
two waves of games on Thursday and Friday of the opening round is also a tough task given
that most of the matchups are between teams that have never faced one another in the past.
You are bound to find some soft lines out there, especially if you are open to shopping them
across several of the top online books. The quick turnaround for setting the lines for the
weekend games in the second round also has the potential to create a slight edge for bettors in
a few of the matchups.

Along with all the college basketball betting action on the board for the individual games, there
is also some great betting value in the futures odds and props that many of the top books post
for the Big Dance. If you think that Duke is going to win it all this year, now is the time to bet the
Blue Devils since their odds will only go down with each tournament win. You should avoid
getting too carried away with betting on teams with longer odds to win a national title. Try and
find one or two legitimate contenders that have what it takes to win their next six games and
place a small bet on their odds to get it done.

Picking individual region winners when it comes to futures bets is a good way to add more
action to this tournament. Betting on favorite to reach the Final Four may not have as good as a
return. However, it is far easier to cash in on that ticket than it is on one to win it all.

Prop bet opportunities will increase as the tournament wears on and this can be another good
way to supplement your betting activity. Certain online sportsbooks have gained a reputation for
loading up their betting board with a wide array of prop betting opportunities for every major
sporting event. You need to be vigilant in checking the board at any book you do business with
on a regular basis to find the best value in the posted prop bet opportunities.

If you are a sports bettor that is always on the lookout for bonus offers, special promotions and
incentives, then March Madness fits the bill. Most of the top online bookmakers have upped the
ante for this month when it comes to attracting sports bettors to their sites with some lucrative
offers over the next few weeks.

Diversify Your Bookie Betting Board with Pay Per Head

This is the time of the year when private bookies need to quickly shift gear coming off the football season. Without proper planning and a quality Pay Per Head site in your corner, you can quickly find yourself scrambling for money to keep your business afloat over the next several months.

There is still plenty of sports betting action headlined by the NBA and NHL along with the lead-in to March Madness for college basketball, but just because it is out there does not mean it will becoming into your bookie business unless you have the right sales and marketing efforts in place to take advantage of a diverse number of online betting options.

Best Online Pay Per Head Service providers that offer biggest bang for your buck

Too many bookies running and managing an independent sportsbook make the mistake of making football way too big of a handle as opposed to the other betting action coming in. Some bookies do not care since they basically shut things down once the Super Bowl is in the books. However, if you are looking to build a bookie business that can provide year-round profits for years and years to come, it is going to take some hard work and additional time and effort to get it done.

The first step in the process is to evaluate your current sports betting customer base. With the help of individual account profiles as part of the online sports betting software your Pay Per Head site provides, you can drill down deep into where the bulk of your bookie business resides. Even if you uncover that a large percentage of action is tied to football, it is not too late to start drumming up business for all the sports betting action that is available right now.

This type of analysis starts with your current betting board. Your price per head shop should be able to provide all the betting lines you need for all the sporting events you choose to take action on. Your job is to cater to your current betting cliental while also expanding your offerings to attract potential bettors to your business.

The online betting software solutions you have in place with your PPH service are designed to help you level the playing field with the big online sportsbooks you are competing against. You never want to run the risk of having even one of your betting customers looking elsewhere to place a bet because that action was not on your board.

You will always have the option you move your own betting lines and change the offerings on your board as part of the low, weekly price per head fees you pay for each active betting customer, but you still need to maintain a diversified selection of betting options to establish yourself as a full-service sports bookie.

If you do not already have one, you can also add a racebook for horse racing and an online casino with slots and table games as part of the diversification process. Both of these online gambling software applications are part of the Pay Per Head sports betting solutions you are paying for in your per head fees.

One of your most powerful marketing tools as a private bookie is the custom website that is designed and maintained by your Pay Per Head provider. You need to create a highly professional Internet image for your company given that the majority of sports bets are placed online. Your website is the online face of the company when it comes to reaching out to your current customer base as well as any prospective betting customers you are trying to bring into the fold.

Betting On NFL Alternate Lines

If you love to bet on football, I am sure there have been times when you absolutely loved a game based on its posted point spread whether you were betting on the favorite or the underdog. Hopefully your hunch was right and you cashed in on a big unit play, but you could have really made some serious money if you would have bet on that same game using an alternative line.
The closer we get to kickoff for most NFL games, the top online sportsbooks with release alternative betting lines for the games. An alternative betting line is a combination of a pointspread and a corresponding money line based on how many points the original line is moved one way or the other.

For example, if you look up the current point spread for this Monday night’s New York Giants at Minnesota game you would find that most online books have the Vikings’ favored at home by four points with the standard 10 percent commission on a straight bet. The first alternative line you might find would have Minnesota favored by 6.5 points with a corresponding money line of +125 for the Vikings and -145 for the Giants. The spreads increase from there all the way up to Minnesota -9.5 points at a +185 money line with the betting odds on the Giants plus the 9.5-point spread set at -215.

Betting alternative lines are very similar to betting on exotics such as pleasers and teasers in a parlay bet, but you are only betting on the outcome of one game. That is why they can be a very lucrative bet when your confidence level for a pick is at its highest. Using our example above, if you are absolutely sure that Minnesota is going to win that game by at least a touchdown, you can bet the alternative line at 6.5 points to try and earn a +125 return on your $100 bet as opposed to just laying the four points at a $110 risk on a $100 wager.
The same betting opportunities also exist with an alternative betting line for the total. Taking this same game, the total is pretty much set at 42.5 points for -110 bet to win $100. Depending on how you see things playing out, you can try and enhance you return by going either higher or lower on this total line. By lowering the total line to 40.5 points, the new money line on the OVER has been set at -145 with a money line of +125 for a play on the UNDER. If you decide to go higher on the total line, a play on the OVER at 47.5 points would return +155 on a $100 bet. You would have to risk -175 to win $100 betting the UNDER at 47.5 points.

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Once again, betting alternative lines on a total all comes down to your confidence level in what you believe to be the final score. If you are sure that this game is going to turn into a low-scoring battle then you might want to go as low as you can on the alternative total line. If you see this game turning into a high-scoring shootout, then you want to go the other way.
One betting tip to keep in mind is to not force the issue when it comes to betting alternative lines. You should always do your due diligence handicapping any matchup to try and determine the actual outcome. When the conditions are right one way or the other on a point spread or total line is when the alternative line option should come into play.

Breaking the Bookie – How sharp Players Do it

Betting football should be a moneymaker this year. Are you tired of beating your head against the wall every single season and walking away on the losing end? Stop the madness. There are tricks to this trade and every football better out there needs to know them.

Betting on football is a $50 billion industry in the US. Gamblers spend a boat load of money. How much of the $50 billion are you seeing in returns to your bank account? Las Vegas has set the standard for high flying sports bookies, and with hundreds of offshore sports books, the gambler is never at a loss for options.

The average gambler sees a return of somewhere in the 45% mark. According to sports writer and bestselling author Michael Konik, most players will pick around 50% (win 50% of the time). Now, when you add juice to this equation, this adds up as a loss. To beat the juice, a player should be winning close to 52-53% of the time.

Are you winning at least 55% of the time?

If not, listen up. Here are some great tips in your pursuit of finally beating the bookie and banking some big money.

  • The number one rule in sports gambling that must never be broken-have a budget, set a budget going into this season. If you don’t; your dead! Do not go over your budget. No matter what, this is not a fast and lose rule. Going over budget leads to the poor house and very quickly. Setting a budget means never playing scared money. You know how much you earn and you know how much you can spend on your hobby; sports gambling.
  • Never ever, under any circumstance, chase bad bets. We all make bad bets, it happens to everyone at some point, even sharp players. If everyone made great bets; Vegas would cease to exist. Stop chasing bad bets. It will kill your bank roll and for sure put you over budget. Chasing one bad bet leads to chasing another and yet another. Don’t do it. Walk away, regroup and come back another day. Keep yourself in the season.
  • Have more than one sports book in your portfolio. Ever sharp player and every smart gambler knows this. Leave your options open. Shop around, get the best lines available.
  • Bet on football games that have value. Stop spending money on Dallas simply because they are on TV, or USC.
  • Stop betting like a rookie. Rookies bet on their favorite teams. The city they grew up in or moved to as a kid or where they went to college. Stop it right now! This will break you and break you quick. Stop betting on a hunch or a gut feeling.


If you want to beat the bookie this year you had better do your research and know the teams that you will be betting on. Gambling is an investment and you don’t want to throw your money away. You probably have neither the time, energy, or the patience, to do the proper research that it will take to gain the knowledge needed to kill it this year.

Hire someone that does. It’s that simple. Hire a professional that picks football games for a living. They consistently win. They will consistently help you win if you listen to them. They live for football, it’s what they know.

It’s your year if you want it to be or you can finish another season winning about 45% 0f the time. The choice is yours. Have fun and good luck.

Making Pay Per Head Player Reports Work for You

Running your own independent sports bookmaking business can offer any number of challenges given the unpredictable nature of the Internet sports betting industry so having the right Pay Per Head service by your side can make all the difference in the world.

Modern technology has been able to level the playing field between the private bookie and the large offshore sportsbooks operating online, but you need to know how to put these advances in sportsbook management solutions to work for you. Control is one of the most important aspects of long-term success in this industry and real-time information is one of the best ways to achieve this goal.

Today’s top price per head providers have all made the necessary investments in their online sports betting software packages to help keep independent bookmakers like yourself well ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing business environment. However, it is up to you to make the most of everything they have to offer to get the most out of the weekly per head fees you pay.

A great starting point is through the backend access to your PPH service’s online gambling software. There are literally dozens of different business reports that you can put to work for you. Starting with something as basic as creating an individual account profile for every one of your betting customers, this is where you can begin to create that level of control needed in a business of this nature. These account profiles can include any credit and betting limits that you want to put in place to help protect your overall bottom line.

Player reports that track daily, weekly and monthly betting activity on an individual account basis are another great way to get a solid handle on your overall bookmaking business. Just like a professional sports handicapper studies trends and tendencies of a particular team, you will be able to uncover betting patterns and habits of individual players over a certain course of time. These patterns and habits can actually be used to your advantage as an independent bookmaker in terms of tailoring your betting offerings to meet your customer’s needs.

As mentioned, this can be valuable real-time data that is only available because of the high level of sophistication in your Pay Per Head service’s sports betting software. Another goal of any private bookie is to eliminate surprises that could lead to some unwanted negative exposure. Using player reports as well as other tracking reports for all the daily activity coming in is a great way to monitor your overall operation. You always want to stay way out ahead of things so you can act on additional opportunities as opposed to reacting to issues that are suddenly out of your control.

It does take a certain amount of discipline to use your PPH service’s reporting capabilities on a consistent basis, but this type of attention to detail is vital to not only the day-to-day operations, but to the long-term financial health of your business. The best course of action is to get into a daily, weekly and monthly routine of carefully analyzing the information that is going to have the biggest impact on things such as cash flow, profit and your overall bottom line.

You need to embrace technology to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment. An overload of information can be intimidating at times; however developing the ability to put this information to work for you is vital to your continued success as an independent sports bookmaker.

Bet World Cup of Hockey and Other Events

Sometimes ideas like to Bet World Cup of Hockey do not appear on our radar until we take a deeper look at them.  Merry Monday and it is awesome to see everyone back here again at BookieStar.  Today we are in the midst of this entertaining hockey event.  Endorsed by the NHL, this trumps the usual parade of preseason hockey games we would be in.  Instead we get six countries and two geographical zones assembled to battle one another.  The cases are polarizing as in strengths and weaknesses.  So let us look at the advantages of betting on these and other events right now at BookieStar.

Bet World Cup of Hockey : Fade USA

Eight teams in two groups form this tournament.  Format is similar to soccer as in top two of each group advance to the knockout stage.  USA is in the same pairings as Canada, Czech Republic, and Team Europe.  Already the USA has lost to all the players assembled without a country in the Europe designation.  One of the better bets for this event is the under in totals for the USA.  They will not score a lot and they get stubborn in preventing play on the other end.  With Coach Tortorella, they are overly defensive with not enough chemistry to pull it off here.

Pre Season College Basketball Tournaments

So many events that the young men in college can play in these days.  Used to be Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico were the venues.  Now every major region has them with conferences large and small.  Here is where the knowledge of your local teams can pay off big time.  Follow the recruiting and remember the talent from last year.  Biggest secret about college basketball and football is that the linesmakers are over worked.  Too many games to put lines out on.  There are big mistakes each week to pounce on by the sports handicapper.

So load up at your favorite sportsbook.  We prefer Americas Bookie because we can relax when we bet there.  Rock solid reputation on paying winners eases our minds so we can just pick winners.  Enjoy the World Cup of Hockey and get ready for those College Basketball tournaments that are just right around the corner.