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College Football Opening Weekend Greatest Ever?

Hard to quantify if it is the greatest ever but the 2016 College Football opening weekend is providing some great entertainment and profit potential.  Welcome back everyone to BookieStar this Labor Day Weekend.  Already in the afternoon we have had some key upsets with many hours and in fact days of betting in the opening weekend.  Let us look at whom did well and whose balloon is already deflated for the season.

College Football Opening Weekend: Arrival of Houston

One loss Houston last year arrived for their opener verses Oklahoma as a possible contender outside the Power 5 for playoff consideration.  Oddsmakers had them at +9 on the Cougars and the betting public ran with it getting Oklahoma to -13 in some markets like Americas Bookie.  Well when you have a once in a decade type play like the following, the momentum of Houston was too much to overcome.

Thanks to Curtis88 for posting this on Youtube.

With the 33-23 win, the money Houston bettors were dancing in the street with their +425 payout on their faith in the Cougars.

Ritual Sacrifices

Ohio State and Michigan seem to be in an arms race for the Big Ten title.  Escalations are already in progress in the non con portion of their schedules.

  • Ohio State pastes a 77-10 win over Bowling Green
  • Michigan showed some mercy in the 4th and slowed up to only win 63-3

Brand name schools that could run the tables to meet each other late in the season.  OSU has to contend with a wounded Sooners squad in two weeks.  Big Ten did suffer a name brand setback with Western Michigan nicking Northwestern 22-21 early on.

We have not even gotten to the later games.  Alabama vs USC Saturday night.  Fighting Irish visit Texas on Sunday Night.  Labor Day ends with Ole Miss visiting the Seminoles of Florida State.  Hard to say if this is the greatest start ever but even us bettors with multiple screens to watch were hard pressed to keep up this weekend.  Good fortune in your wagering ventures and we will see you next time here at Bookie Star.



2016 College Basketball : Dismiss Depth?

Recognizing trends for the upcoming 2016 College Basketball season could allow the sports investor to reap profit right from the start.  Great to see everyone back together again at Bookie Star.  Today, we are going to cover an antiquated theme for college basketball.  Is depth really that necessary to get the program you follow to the promised land?  Big non con wins, conference championships, and a deep run in a post season tournament are the goals of almost every program.  Let us see if one can hitch their wagon to just a star or two and reap rewards for their prolonged ride in 2016?

2016 College Basketball : How to Combat Star Power

Most teams that are facing an opponent superior in talent or firepower resort to almost the dog and pony show of college basketball.  Most rely on aspects like oustanding three point shooting or pressure defenses to create imbalances.  Almost to morph the game into some hybrid where traditional talent does not come through.  This is where the armada of three star talent recruits used to come in.  This why the Colorado State, Boise State, and all the other up and coming mid majors used to make their mark.  It allowed them to compete very well but the recipe for that is changing in modern basketball.

Why this Change in 2016?

Over the past and future months, Bookie Star is presenting a series of pieces on the upcoming trends in sports.  College football we spent looking at the Big Ten for profit. Some cases are specific and others like this go more into general theory of the sport.  The problem is that there is no blueprint in creating depth.  More importantly is that one failure in a three star recruit can dispel the competitive nature of a team much more than the depth of the star laden team.

This has been seen even more as of late with the final four.  Only Notre Dame could be considered an outsider and based on their name, they can get whom they wanted.  Nova had those stars whose wagons where hitched onto offensively.  Kansas and North Carolina are impervious to all but the hottest of shooting teams.  The ways to imbalance a game are decreasing as top tier coaches at big schools are busting the superior depth notion of the mid majors.  Good fortune in your sports wagering and go for the teams with two established stars that are sophomore level or beyond this season.



NFL 2016 is Almost Here

Excitement all of this nation as NFL 2016 is almost here.  Great to see everyone here again at Bookie Star.  Our bread and butter is almost on our dinner tables.  The reason we work hard all week.  NFL Sunday brings our favorite professional football teams to do battle 16 times.  For a lucky few franchises, every game is worthwhile.  Others see early eliminations and rebuilding years.  However when one wagers on the game, any game jumps up in meaning.  Find out how each week becomes oh so relevant when the pursuit for profit is placed into the equation.

NFL 2016 : Welcome LA

Rams opened up their LA experience at home and allowed Dallas to run in the opening kickoff 101 yards for a score.  The home team would eventually rally to beat the Cowboys 28-24 but the early struggles when the starters were in produced a bad omen.  Teams do not get to be in the position to draft prized rookies like Goff without many weaknesses.  Do not be worried because this is where the spread comes in.  Oddsmakers attempt to level the playing field by giving one team extra points to start the game.  With this boon, longshots have better chances of cashing.  Ten point losses that have most fans drowning their sorrows can still produce profit if we have that ticket with +11 in our pocket at game’s end.

How Do We See What the Market Offers?

Diners have menus in which customers see what can be ordered.  For quality sportsbooks like Americas Bookie, they have live lines.  Market prices on spreads and totals.  Clickable history to see which games are hot and what direction they are headed.  Your one stop source to see which games have the best chance to cash in your estimation.  One screen, all the games, and a universe of wagering options on Sunday does the Americas Bookie with their live lines offer their clients.

Good fortune in your preseason watching.  You can bet on the games right now.  Deposit at Americas Bookie.  Wager not only the NFL but all the major sports leagues all across the globe.  Good fortune in your ventures and we shall see you next time here at BookieStar.



Profit on 2016 College Football : Big Ten

Not only betting but to profit on 2016 College Football is the goal of many fans all over the United States.  Welcome back everyone to Bookiestar.  Today, the Big Ten is set firmly in our sights.  A Power Five Conference with not only intrigue but some very polarizing situations.  Non conference games are the main vulnerability of the top teams in this conference in terms of a historical perspective. We will examine some of the top teams and when to ride them all throughout the season for the betterment of our bankrolls.

Profit on 2016 College Football : Harbaugh’s Time?!

How do we tell a program is all about the headlines or the progress they have made?  Michigan surged last year to a double digit win total culminating in a bowl win.  Since then, coach Jim Harbaugh has shown his social media talents by using it to his full advantage.  In the course of one year, he has convinced incoming freshman that the Wolverines are one of the places to be if you want to go to the pros.  How are they best doing this?  The offensive line is the cream of the crop in the Big Ten.  Imitation is the best form of flattery as they are trying to emulate the Crimson Tide’s long lasting advantage.  Look for them to be solid bets in ML situations but can not cover spreads like 40 points against Hawaii.

A Weak West

Iowa is going to be hard pressed to duplicate their success last year.  They do have to thank the schedule makers as they have the following rivals all at home.

  • Northwestern
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin
  • Nebraska

With no Ohio State, they have the perfect storm but are not going to get a sniff at this.  Truth be told, the west is fodder for the stacked east.  Ohio State, Michigan, and yes still the Spartans of Michigan State are much better than any team our of the West.  Inter divisional matchups feature those three teams should sweep aside anything that the Big Ten West has to offer.

This is how one would break down most any conference.  Find one that you like or has a geographic appeal to you.  Look at the games and lines each week at Americas Bookie.  Specialized knowledge of your favorite conference can pay off big time.  Why?  Because the linesmakers have to put out prices and spreads on most every game.  Selective wagering gives you the advantage in college football.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at BookieStar.



Extensive Sportsbook Ratings and Reviews

Come August there is a definite need for Extensive Sportsbook Ratings and Reviews.  A place where not only you can hang your hat but glean valuable information on sports, wagering trends, and optimal shops to place bets at.  Good Afternoon and thank you for checking back in with us at BookieStar.  Today, we will let you in on one of the valuable resources that we use to make informed sports wagering decisions.  When our first cup of coffee in our hand, we head to the bookmarks section of the browser and go to Ask the Bookie.

Sportsbook Ratings and Reviews : US Market

Now is the time to get topped off in your sports betting accounts at your book.  Summer Games instills a patriotic feel to the money we collect on medal winners.  Soccer starts on Thursday with the host nation Brazil taking the field.  Combine all of this with baseball and CFL action and profit can start right now.  However, the main event is almost here.  NFL betting begins with the Hall of Fame Game on this Sunday, August 7th.

Need for NFL Betting House : Americas Bookie

In the reviews, Americas Bookie is spoken of very highly.  We verified their research and came to the same conclusion based on the following criteria.

  • Established and consistent payout history
  • Over a decade of being in business
  • Plentiful Promotions
  • Extensive wagering offerings
  • Quick and responsive customer service

All of the facets that allow a sportsbook to shine bright when pitted against their peers.  We want good lines, time to think about them, and the assurance that the money is ours when we submit a payout request.  We have to worry about the results on the field but not in the aftermath of collecting our due profits at Americas Bookie.

So sit back and enjoy the Summer Games.  Hall of fame with Green Bay and Indy this Sunday the 7th.  Learn how to get into two $3,000 Last Man Standing contests right now.  All of this value right now for your fall NFL wagering.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Football.


Free Prizes Propel Sportbook Betting Experience

Free Prizes and other perks provide the sports bettor with not only additional equity but a place to hang their hats to call home.  Good Morning and welcome back to BookieStar.  Today, we examine methods to increase the satisfaction that people get from betting on the NFL.  We are talking about deriving meaning from any game on the schedule.  Most of us have had to dread those games in which a 1-3 vs an 0-4 is in our market.  With sports betting and free prizes, now every date on the schedule can be a banner day.  Let us look at how contests like the Last Man Standing get our pulses pounding at the end of our work weeks to revel in the NFL Sundays.

Free Prizes : Americas Bookie Last Man Standing Contest

Let us take for example the sportsbook America’s Bookie.  They have been around for a decade and provided a rock solid financial institution where people can wager, win, and get paid.  That is an important factor but how often does one get excited about doing business with places like a bank.  You know you get paid.  However where the solid becomes the extra ordinary is when they use imagination to propel the customer experience.  It creates a win-win situation in which loyalty is created and the customer is in the game most every week.  This is the basis for the appeal of free prizes like the Last Man Standing Contest.

$3k Reward System Twice

Here is how it operates.  Customers who invest and deposit $400 in their online accounts gain an entry into the contest.  It is possible to get up to three distinct entries with a deposit around $1k. Not only do you get the normal free play perks on that but the LMSC.  Here a player picks a team he thinks will win straight up regardless of spread.  Win and move on.  Your team loses and that entry is eliminated.  Last person standing walks away with the entire $3k prize.  There is even another contest that opens up at Week Five for those that stumble and fall early on.  All the details for the Americas Bookie Last Man Standing Contest is linked here.

This is just one of the ways to reward your play at the sportsbook.  Yes, rock solid payments provide a place to visit and wager.  Promotions, creativity, and superior customer service is where people call home to bet all season long.  Discover all the reasons why the discerning handicapper in the United States calls Americas Boookie home for NFL Betting every year.


NHL Stanley Cup Futures

Summer has not taken the sizzle out of NHL Stanley Cup Futures.  Good afternoon and thank you for checking back in with BookieStar.  Even though a dome of heat has descended on many parts of the United States, what helps us keep our cool is the thought of sports investment profit.  One of the types of wagers that have immense returns on them for 2016 is selecting the NHL champion.  Come see the immense value the market has right now for this type of hockey wager.

NHL Stanley Cup Futures : Lack of Consensus

An online sportsbook has demonstrated their superiority over the local bookie in many ways.  One of them is by providing wagers of this nature.  Futures in many sports regarding the championship, division, and even season wins for major professional sports leagues is commonplace online.  The man at the end of the bar with pencil and pad in hand can not even have a real expectation to provide this type of fare.  That is why when there is no real consensus for one team to win the cup over the field, the rate of return for any bet could come in at +900 or over as it does for the NHL right now.

The Pack

Eight teams are tightly packed around each other in regards for returns.  For example, where else can you bet on the favorite and get a +900 return?  This is what the Penguins are offering right now to win the Cup and this is the lowest return of any in the field.  Washington comes in next with a hefty +1000 line for profit taking.  One that has tongues waging are the Montreal Canadiens at +3000.  They looked invulnerable early until they lost Price for the season in goal.  Having him healthy and +3000 might be worth your time right now.

Finally, a young team ready to make a leap like Edmonton is +7500 in the current market.  The key to the majority of recent years for the championship is to just make the playoffs.  Eight seeds commonly make deep runs so that final push for glory might not be beyond the Oilers.  Investigate these options and prepare to pounce on long term NHL profit by investing in NHL Stanley Cup Future options this summer.

Bet Tennis to Pluck the Strings of Profit

Unique surfaces are just one of the facets to Bet Tennis for an advantage against the sportsbooks.  Happy Monday as we leave the grass court season by Wimbledon concluding on Sunday.  Serena got her 22nd slam title while Andy Murray with Ivan Lendl in his corner captured the men’s title.  Now we start the hard court season to the eventual march to the US Open.  Let us see how a truer bounce and court conditions will benefit most in the field while deterring a few grass court specialists.  All of this for you right now at BookieStar.

Bet Tennis : Lay of the Land

Want to know whom to tail and which ones might fail for the hard court season?  Go to the futures of both tournaments and the US Open at America’s Bookie.  Compare the prices with the world rankings for the start of perspective in the hard court season.  Let us take for example what happened at Wimbledon.  Novak got upset early by a hard serving Sam Querrey while Andy Murray won the title.  Prices for the future in the US Open are…

  • Novak Djokovic -125
  • Andy Murray +350
  • Roger Federer +700
  • Stan Wawrinka +1600
  • Milos Raonic +1600

We can see from here the lessening of emphasis on the serve.  It is still a potent weapon on the men’s side but is no longer the one trick pony that can carry you to victory.  Truth be told, Raonic should have a little bit of an even higher price but him making his first Grand Slam Final will have some following him now for his next breakthrough.

Andy vs Novak : Still Favored

Even in the face of having Lendl back in his camp, Andy Murray is second string to Novak in the futures.  Deduce why and this type of thinking will help you in your tennis wagering decisions.  Murray’s return of serve becomes slightly less important on hard courts.  Just getting the ball back against a player like Raonic diminishes in importance.  It becomes more about point construction than mere reflexes.  Novak is superior in that and the fitness aspect.  Hence he gets the nod and the lower price for this tennis future.

A wide world of profit exists each and every week in tennis wagering.  Now that we are starting the hard court season, a subtle tweaking of our handicapping process is needed to keep the success building upon itself.  Good fortune in this and we will see you next time here at


Bet Baseball to Bolster Bottom Lines

Bet baseball is the mantra that every bookie should be gravitating to during the summer.  Some of our brethren take July off to catch their breath for the football season.  This attitude has caused more than one of our kind to miss out not only on volume during the MLB action but increasing their client base for the ripe football season.  Bookiestar will explore how to get baseball in their minds with the other summer time sports through a Pay Per Head Internet presence.

Bet Baseball : PPH Automatic Update of Odds

The locals more often than not will carry MLB moneylines as an afterthought to sate a portion of their client base.  They look at it as a necessity instead of an opportunity.  Not only will a Pay Per Head assist those of yours who persist in wagering all summer long but rolls out a universe of wagering options.  With these additional choices, the PPH exposes you to very little risk at being on the wrong end of line moves.  Tie in your lines with sources from offshore of Vegas so to not expose you to stale lines or steam.  Now overnight action or sudden shifts in the market will no longer leave you at the wrong end of the stick at as your PPH source.

Bet Baseball : Wagering Options

Now entertain the futures and props with increased vig.  Series price wagering.  First inning run yes or no props.  Headsup wagering on stars of the game.  The additional time the customers spend shopping on your new layout will not only pay for itself in baseball but the other summer sports.  Tennis, golf, UFC, and NASCAR grow from points of interests to places of passion each weekend.  Casual interest becomes rabid following.  The lifestyle of pulse pound action each week becomes ingrained in your customer base.  All of this because now you have the options including a casino and racebook that people want to enjoy their entertainment dollars in.

The bookies job is made easier with a pay per head.  Bet Baseball should be your motto.  Not only more traffic now but in the other months.  Growth where one was just surviving before.  Market baseball to your customers for a return every month of the year.  Good fortune and enjoy this intense MLB action this July.


Myth of the Summer Slow Down

While many consider football king, profit does not come to a stand still during the months before the season.  The myth of the Summer Slow Down was born out of a reluctance of some people to bet baseball.  They proclaimed it was too boring, pitcher intensive, or could not be beat.  Today here at BookieStar, we are going to address this and steer you to other waters of profit this season.  So let us get to the art of making money in June, July, and August.

Myth of Summer Slow Down : PPH Options

First way to debunk the myth of the summer slow down is to look at the extensive options of a PPH.  For those that do not know, PPH equates to Pay Per Head.  It is the Acronym that will more than keep you afloat during the summer. WIth a PPH, it gives the bookie not only a quality online presence but a vast array of wagering options unavailable to one on the stool.  A universe of wagering options in Golf, Tennis, Soccer, and contact sports are just a few items on a menu so vast that it sates the hunger of the sports bettor who is starving for action while biding his time until Autumn.

Impressive Interface

The secret is in the graphical interface.  Navigation is simple.  Organized presentation presents plenty of impulse options.  Not only that but wager types that you were loathe to embrace are a snap with the software.  Round robins, teasers, and parlays are calculated instantly.  Both bettor and bookie know the exact value.  No debate or exposure to math errors.  They can shop as long as they want and then bet any time day or night.  No longer do you have to shut off your cell phone to get that vital sleep or personal time.  This liberates time, eases the work, and delegates the grunt work to a system that makes no mistakes.

Pennies for dollars is the motto here.  Small fee from the PPH greatly increases both volume and the balance of vig on your action.  Not only more bets but less exposure to lopsided action that you have to lay off to others.  Master of your own domain.  Summer need not be slow again.  Sprortsbook, casino, and race track all in one.  Design the look, attach what lines you want to use, and reap the harvest of increased volume.  Get into a higher level of your bookmaking business by contacting a Pay Per Head like today.

More Volume with that Vital Vig from PPHs

Lamentations about having too much business are a matter of the past in the bookmaking business.  Whether through increases in the player pool or a Game Seven just around the corner, the slight increase in volume used to produce a great deal more work.  Now the pay per head offers the ability to handle the increased traffic.  With this comes an improved chance of balanced wagering which gives us that vital vig to flourish with.

Pay Per Head Wager Types

Wager types of every variety can now be handled with a minimum of effort.  Round robins and plump parlays used to have us crunching many numbers with more than a few chances of producing an error in the final tally.  This does not happen with a PPH.  Error free calculations eliminate the debate aspect of some pesky customers.  All of it is presented on the screen with them or you having the ability to print a receipt for their own record keeping.

Immense Range of Offerings

Expansion here comes on two fronts.  First, the options and props for the games you were offering in the past increases with a pay per head.  Now prospects on a person or a team can be bet on with the usual increase of vig for this style of wager.  Also, the selection with which they can choose has become so much more.  More sports and leagues from every corner of the globe.  Racebooks that not only have the major races but the daily action from coast to coast in America.  Casinos that give your players the ability to generate their own hot streak any time or night.  The ability to give them more of what they want retains customer loyalty and increases profits on your end.

Now is the time to make it easy on yourself and entertain all the profit that comes with increased volume.  Slick graphical interface that keeps customers trying out new bet types.  Wager types that used to be labor intensive are now calculated and collected on in mere moments.  Expansion into horse racing and the casino business with your customers.  Grow without the labor involved when you utilize a Pay Per Head with your book making business.


Federal trial resumes against sports bettor Billy Walters


To bookies and bettors alike both offshore and in Las Vegas, there must be one eye kept on New York City once the insider trading federal trial resumes against Billy Walters.

What, exactly, will it mean to those who are betting college and pro football games once September rolls around?

Tough to say. Walters was indicted in Nevada in May and summoned to New York on June 1, where he pled not guilty to the charges leveled against him by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Walters has repeatedly said he’s never done anything illegal since moving to Nevada in the 1980s and whether you believe him or not, he’s been exonerated in the courts on each occasion they’ve dragged him there. He’s never taken a plea despite countless offers in charges against him that have included illegal bookmaking and money laundering.

Read why Billy Walters is a polarizing figure sports betting, for more stories about the Walters federal case, from The Rex Factor’s insider point-of-view as being a resident of Kentucky, a frequent visitor of Las Vegas and someone who has had access to information in Costa Rica where Walters runners would be betting both sides of the same game.

As professional bettors and linesmakers like The Rex Factor start to work on season-opening college football power rankings during the often-slow months of June and July, it’s only natural to wonder if the market will be the same if Walters doesn’t get involved – or legally cannot get involved – once the start of the season rolls around.

One way or another, it will affect people on both sides of the counter if he’s not in action.